Friday, 7 September 2012

Silence of the Night

The silence of the that calming or spooky?

There have been days where I would have said it is spooky but yet nowadays it seems very calming ...I wonder whether it is a sign of becoming older or whether it is just coincidental ...I know that there is a lot of noise in my head presently...well what is to be expected if one has to complete one's thesis in 2 weeks ...and for all the noise ...the night is the best time for me to work...the silence helps...or I usually drown all the background noise with music...

So here I end my ramble and go back to tackling my priority with a smile on my face and a certainty in my heart that I will be fine...I shall be back my dear fellow bloggers with a tag post that SG has tagged me with but spare me another two weeks...well knowing me might me hear me sooner than that because when there is noise feels good to blog!!

Anyways, so is the silence of the night - calming or spooky for all of you?


  1. Very well written. That is the reason I go back and read your older posts. You were wondering. Now you know.

    Silence of the night for me? It is calming, most of the time. With a glass of merlot, it is more calming.

    1. Thank you are just as appreciative as ever but I still wonder...


  2. No need to wonder. I second SG.

    Silence of the night is calming. I live in a town and so I can see a clear sky with stars from my terrace. Plus it is really calm here with no sound of the traffic save for the crickets chirping

    1. Hi Aparna...welcome to my blog...

      I am sure the silence of the night must be even more calming with the clear sky full of stars :)