Saturday, 26 November 2011

Are we over-connected??

I find my interest towards Facebook for that matter any social website decreasing per day and on some days per minute...

I have started thinking why? What did I want from such a website was finding my school friends and maybe once in a while saying hi to them..However, now I feel I am getting suffocated with Facebook...I hear people asking why I am still on it..sadly it has become almost the only way to keep in touch with the large number of friends (who I love alot).

I am also told very often told not to login for a few days but that is not possible... If I am there, I want to be there or not delete my own profile!

For some reason, I feel I am monitored and everyone is monitoring every move I take. (I must say I am not to be excluded from the monitoring...I do notice when my best friends do not post and start checking on them) ..What happened to all the privacy people used to love...I was the one who cared less for privacy but this is just too much for some reason...

Would anybody like to reason why this change of attitude in me? Or even more are there many other who agree or disagree with me? 


  1. Nice post, as always. I know a lot about Facebook and that is why I am not in it.

    It is OK if your friends monitor you. But, nowadays, your bosses, colleagues, and subordinates monitor you. That is dangerous.

  2. bored of social media??!! i am not surprised buddy..happens to most of us...thats y the best path is take the neutral path..moderate interaction on the Net is the best way..when v go overboard, v get bored..millions of blog appears and millions equally disappear..hmmm..shucks i am speaking like a a nutshell, plz dont get bored and stay connected as blog world needs u..v have good people around here least i found many...wonderful people...cya

  3. arre difficult to post comment here..some tech hitch...cheers

  4. @SG: Thank you for your comments...

    @R.Ramesh: No I am not leaving the blogs....I am only bored of FB...
    And, I have gone back to a normal template which should hopefully ease the commenting problem ...let me know...