Thursday, 24 March 2011

The ecstasy of being found!

NO...I have not found my life partner!

But my sister found blogs were a secret from her till a few days ago...but now she has found me!

When she first mentioned that she found me...I started wondering and questioning her ...who told you? All I could think was one of my dearest had told my sister...but well that was not it...

I was Googled..and there she found me!

Now..I know many are wondering ...why was it a secret ...well...I have reasons...but now that she knows about it... I am dancing with happiness is over-board and I feel drunk with happiness......

Weirdly...I know if told her ...I wouldn't have felt this bliss...and so I am glad the way things turned out..

Yes this post is dedicated to my one and only sister...I love her ! She has been my role-model since a kid ... and she is my inspiration and aspiration for writing!

You know this post reminds me of a composition I had to write in my SAT exam...I was asked to write about a person I admire...and you know who mine sister... When the results came, and one of our family friend's received the answer sheets...they read my answers...and aunty then commented, "Aparna's paper is full of how much she is missing Aditi!"

Well...I couldn't help it...she had gone to further her studies in India...and I was in Malaysia with my parents...and yes I was missing my best friend!...

Dear Sister,

         If you read this post...I am waiting for your comments...


My sister is my best friend! Is that the same for others with their siblings?...Do comment away! I am in cloud nine!


  1. Nice and touching post. I am glad you are happy that your sister found you. My salute to Aditi.

    In my home, I am the role model for my siblings.

    If it is OK with you, can you share with your readers as to why you kept it secret. Thanks.

  2. Oh! I would shudder at the thought of any relative finding me on the net......ouch ouch ouch is what I would say.

  3. @SG: Thank you...No I don't really want to share why I didn't tell my sister...

    @knot2share: Really? You know it is not that bad! :)

  4. why do you think i have a name "knot2share" ???? heheh

  5. @knot2share : I understand...but I didn't think so much when I started mine...well I guess I was in a way hoping that I will be found ...hehehe