Friday, 7 January 2011

Warli Art

Warli Art is one of the simplest forms of artwork. It mainly consists of circles, triangles and lines.

It has been practised by the Warlis from Maharashtra. To read more about Warlis and their artwork, please check the links below:

Here's my go at it...I got the kit last year. The kit had 3 terracotta pieces - a display platter, a vase & a utensil stand. It also had brown acrylic paint and a white acrylic fine liner. Below are pictures of my effort (2 days):

Hope you like them ... :)


  1. Nice art work. To be honest, I never heard of Warli Art until I read your post. Thanks for providing links to read more about it.

    Thanks for sharing these nice pics. You wrote “Hope you like them”. I love them. Especially, you know my artistic talent. Remember my post on November 4 where I wrote about my visit to Disney’s California Adventure.

  2. awww cute. the pot looks like it's made of pure chocolate. loves!!!! =)

  3. @SG & @Sidra : Thank you so much. :-)

  4. Beautiful art! So simple, I love it!

  5. I am now curious to find out what other talents are hidden inside you!!

  6. @knot2share: Hidden talents...I don't know...I think even I am searching for them...I am trying to find one that i can actually pursue as a career ...hehe...hope my supervisors don't read this!