Thursday, 9 December 2010


Sorry bloggers for being MIA but that's life when I have holidays planned (6 more days!)...

What have I been up to? Well, pretty obvious ...I

But, in my case that's not completely true...because I have also been busy shopping for my dear family, attending a Christmas party and enjoying my hobby craft work whenever I get time...

Looking at the last sentence, I know many will say, then why didn't I make time to blog...well the answer ...I didn't know what to blog on...I open my Posting page, type a few words...and leave it like that for hours, sometimes days, then I would give up and just delete it...this has been routine for the past one month..

Now, back to where I has been on overload mode lately due to my holidays.

Shopping -  what did I shop? Well I have been randomly shopping things throughout the year...mostly for my nephew (yes, I pamper him as much as I can with gifts!). Nephew's gifts this year include :
1) Wii Console
2) Wii Games
3) Roald Dahl Books Set (maybe not so much for this year as a collection)
4) Ben10 Books Set
5) I don't remember what else...though I do know there is more.

Hobby craft - A glimpse below...details in another post:

I don't want to delete this I publish it as such ...I have already kept it pending for more than 24 hours... :)


  1. Nice post. I can see you are busy preparing to go home to your loved ones. You must be excited. Have a nice vacation and enjoy.

    There is nothing wrong in not blogging for a while due to work pressure. I know you are a doctoral candidate. Your research is more important than this blog.

    Also, writing a post is not like writing a college paper. A post is your personal thoughts and what you want to write. So, please write whatever comes to your mind. If for days nothing comes to your mind to write any post, it is ok. When you write a post, it need not be a traditional one like intro, body, and conclusion. I am glad you did not delete this post and chose to publish.

    Waiting to read a post on your hobby craft.