Friday, 12 November 2010


As you will see soon, the title is inappropriate, but here I go on with my ramblings...

Am I a morning person ? ...yes, very much so...I don't like sleeping till afternoon and I always felt that I am most effective at work and studying in the morning ... Exactly opposite to my dear elder sister, who was a nocturnal...she studied late nights. As a kid, I remember hearing my parents say "Early to bed, early to rise make a man healthy, wealthy and wise!" and my dad also often said, "Don't burn the midnight oil!" ... I think incorporated both... My family used to tease me saying that they could set time by looking at when I went to sleep...I was so regular and perfect ...I used to go to bed everyday at 10pm sharp.

But, then slowly things changed...I was not studying come? I do not know...I slowly changed my routine to studying late nights after a nap...but I am still not good at it...I still prefer mornings...

Now...a small drift of topic...How many of you get up and have some song humming in your head...or words repeating itself...sometimes dialogues? Well, that happens to me most often. I almost always wake up in the morning to have some random song humming in my head....and no it is not from a movie from the day before!

Today, it the words that have been repeating so long that I had to blog about it to get it out of my system is
"The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round..."
What makes it worse then having that repeated, is actually having a visual of the wheels of red bus going round and round!!!...yes..seriously, i can see the wheels going round and round...and the kids in the bus screaming this rhyme!

God know what significance it has to my day? Probably because I am literally dragging my day today and it seems to be the same routine day in day out! :)

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  1. Excellent post. So you are a morning person. Me too. I think morning persons gain energy from the sights and sounds of a day just beginning. According to scientists, a morning person’s preference for morning hours is to some extent based on genetics.

    Visualization is good for you. Visualization strengthens your ambition and desire, and incites you to take action.

    Finally, there is an Irish saying: If you have a reputation as a morning person, you can sleep until noon.

  2. i tryyyyy to wake up with a prayer...but today the song in my head during class was "meray sapno ki raniiiiii kab ayi gi tuuuuu" hodgkin lymphoma :P imagine!!! btw even i can't study at nightttt, morninggg and afternoon, bas!!!

  3. Excellent post. I think m like ur elder sister for that matter, or may be my schedule had made me like that, I can't sleep fast nor wake up early morning.

    It always happen with me too. some song in mind, I still wonder from where it comes from...but I enjoy it, I can assure others don't ;)

    Keep scribbling