Tuesday, 2 November 2010


yes...another post on blogging...

Why? Well , it is a topic that needs to be brought up every now and then to reassure myself what I am doing here ...

So, as I had mentioned before I am not  a self-motivated person...in fact I am the one who is so unmotivated that I can literally sit and do nothing but watch movies...I know after two days I will be so sick of it...but still not motivated to do nothing else...lol...Thus blogging means pushing through all the procrastination and finding something interesting to say and typing it in a way to catch people's interest....

I am not too sure I am good at it...but I have to give full credit and love to those who come and diligently read my posts...

The first time around, I used to post...and I had very few people who knew me used to read my blog. I followed about two blogs...yes that's it...and I wasn't regular with them...This time, I learnt if you hope people to read what you write...give time to read what they write..take time to see their perspective and yes spend some time in writing comments...and not always something like "nice post" but something that shows that you have also thought about the post or relate to what they have written...

I comment when ever possible...that is when I relate well to what they have written or I have time to see their perspective and give an opinion...but yet I fail ...and end up just saying "nice post"...

Anyways...the post was actually inspired in the reception of being the first one to comment on Pins N Ashes .  I loved the idea...it really encouraged me to try and be the first one to read and comment ...and yours truly (that is something that I picked up BigB's blog) was the first one to comment on one of the posts and claim the award below :

Thank you so much again Pins N Ashes ...I hope I receive it more often...

Ok...now to all fellow bloggers...how do you get your readers to comment? Or don't you care?



  1. Very well written post. First of all we have to answer ourselves why we write posts. For some people, it is a personal pleasure or stress buster. For some, it is an open diary. Some people have ego to show off how popular they are.

    I personally do not go after large followers or plan something to get too many comments. I read certain blogs regularly because I like reading them. Many of them read my post and some don’t even visit my post. The subject matter for my posts is always unpredictable. I do not write stereo type posts. I keep the audience guessing about the subject matter. This will make people to read. But will not make them to comment. If they comment after reading my post, it is OK. If not, even then it is OK.

  2. For me, it's not so much about wanting others to read than it is about writing something that I feel strongly about. Also, I don't read others' blogs just so they would read mine. I read blogs because I enjoy what they write. But then, to each his own.

    If you want readers to comment, what you did in this post is the way to go! Pick a topic and explain your views on it. At the end of the post, ask a question like, "Has this ever happened to you?" or "What would you do in such a situation?" or "What do you think about it?" It'll get people to respond. I hope that helped! :)

  3. @Nikita: I think you might have misunderstood. I didn't mean comment or read others blogs because I want them to comment or read...I mean I read and comment wherver I feel like and somehow my blog gets advertised and so many more people link upto mine...not necessarily the ones I read. :)

    But I agree...the question at the end has always helped...

  4. Of course I care and feel you when you 'how do you get readers to your blog?'...my blog is facing a very acute readers' defiency too...lol...it's a lil scary...but anyways nice to see a post from you after a very long time. =)

  5. Thought provoking post. I am not a regular blogger and not always comfortable with the concept itself. But once I began, I liked being able to discuss my thoughts with others and learned to connect with their perspectives too. Sometimes, its helped me alter my views because I liked or felt convinced by the sincerity and logic of what a fellow blogger's comment brought to the table. More than writing for honing skills or networking, blogging brings me closer to some very interesting and well informed people whose perspectives may not be the same as mine yet there is a spark to their thoughts that makes me interested to listen to what they want to state, you know what I mean?