Sunday, 11 July 2010

Team Building Day - Fun

Hi...sorry for not writing up for a few days...but as I said I have just been swamped with work...

Except yesterday(July 7th) I along with my present project supervisor's team had a lot of fun...We went to have a day of group activities to improve our "team" spirit...but it also induce competition..Y?...well we were part of a bigger group and were split into four groups...And all the four groups obviously wanted to win the "Gold medal" which we didn't know about till the end..


1) Rounders 
2) Egg in a Spoon - modified version...we had to make the spoon with a wooden stick, 5 tightly rolled newspaper sticks and a small piece of tape...if we asked for more tape..30 sec gets added :( ...well we you must have guess by now...the egg was replaced by a ball...the twist...two of our team mates were tied at their ankle and wrists and had to go through obstacles in the least possible time......My team won by one sec!
3) Hula-hoop maze - this was a memory game at which  I was terrible...You had to remember a path that the host decided and get through it...All I can say is that I made my team to restart about three times :(
4) SpiderWeb- There were ropes ties as knots and all the members had to pass through each loop. The loops got really small that for one of them you had to be passed through by other members...hehe....
5) Human Football table - This was real fun...The players were strapped to rods and had to play football......believe me it was real fun to it must have been more fun to play...

Then we went quad biking...which was hardwork for especially with the smaller bike...I found the bigger one much more stable and listening to my orders rather than the small one...Anyways, at the end of the practice session ...I backed out...I didn't have enough courage to drive the quad bikes into the woods...while others enjoyed a quad safari...I stayed and just had fun seeing others have fun....

It was a good day of fun..and the weather supported us...


  1. This sounds like so much fun! :) The weather right now is so horrible, even thinking about outdoors is a sin!

  2. I can imagine that since you are in has been a very hot day in UK too..