Sunday, 27 June 2010

Painting....a hobby I would love to master


Yesterday was a dream come true .. I went to an art workshop. It was day full of fun and colour...

My friends and I found out about this workshop two weeks back at a fair in Cambridge. I was extremely excited about it that he two weeks  wait was too long !

The workshop teaches the Bob Ross Wet on Wet Painting technique. Bob Ross is an American Painter who firs inroduced this technique of Wet on Wet to use on canvas. If you want to know a bit more about click on his name.

Our instructor, Kirk Glander goes around the UK and teaches this wonderful Wet-on-Wet painting technque. He teaches people of all ages and those with and without experience to do a beautiful painting.

Here's what I started with :

And here's my finished painting with frame: is it not? For a person who knows not how to paint....


  1. this is really good aparna! :)
    good job!

  2. Awesome. Please post a bigger picture.