Thursday, 13 August 2009

Statistical Genetics

"Oh My God!"
"Sounds very high fundu!"
"What is that??"
"Statistics...I never liked it!"

I am sure most of y'all would have guessed what the above were...they are reactions to a simple question...what I am doing...the answer being Statistical Genetics.

So...My blog returns with simplifying the the extent that you will never give that reaction ...fingers crossed...I hope I can do that...

I shall tell you as how I understand it and it might not be scientifically perfect but enough to understand and accept. the science involving numbers but not like mathematics but as a sequence or as distributions...The key words that are often thought of when someone mentions statistics is mean / average, median & so on. But believe me there is more...loads I am not going to bore you with it...

Genetics...the science of genes...the science of what we are like our parents and why we are like them.

Now, aren't you wondering how these two can be connected??

Well that is my amazing subject...I am the connector! Basically I apply statistical methods to understand and infer from genetic data ( usually with other data ). Genetic data - a sequence of letters, two letters for a specific point in the carrier of genetic information(DNA), values obtained from certain experiments telling which part of the DNA is working alot and which is not. Other data like height, weight, Body-Mass Index, Diseased or Non-diseased, blood cell count, etc. So my job is to see whether there is any correlation between the genetic and the other data, and statistically prove the same. Does that make sense?

I hope it does...but oherwise comments awaited...

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